What Mega-Universe is // Что такое Мегавселенная

Интерес к моей мировоззренческой концепции "Мегавселенная" все больше проявляют иностранные читатели, для них хотелось бы разместить англоязычную версию "MegaUniverse".


What Mega-Universe is // Что такое Мегавселенная


Every flesh (we, you, surrounding us objects, environments etc.) is the fotooptical informative systems (FOIS) that by virtue of the inseparable connection inner it, being "imprints" in aethereal educations, create both situation and temporal intercommunications. Id est our world of determized, both through " dense" structures and through "informative accompaniment" ("universal scenario" of beginning, development and end of "this light"). "A scenario", in turn, operates on principle: to a 1) inevitability, 2) necessities. Violation of the following "a scenario" and in him creates errors the prescribed "roles" are sins that start scray mechanisms on 1th principle, or compensated by intervention from "higher forces" in accordance with 2th principle works of our Mega-Universe.

Main definitions of my Mega-Universe

The following does not set the task to create a kind of creation theory, but it makes an attempt to interconnect many scientific facts, theories, hypotheses and other knowledge, accumulated by the humanity, in deflection of this knowledge through the Bible view of creation of all. So, how can we interconnect seemingly irreconcilable facts and incommensurable values: time, space, speed, frequency, ether and solid object, micro- and macrocosm, antimatter and matter, light and darkness? What is the space-time continuum, phase state of material structures and therewith the quantum state of all. Why does entropy reign in the world? Who supports status quo? How are both views on the fact that our university is expanding and at the same time collapsing implemented? What is a black hole and where does everything fall into? How to interconnect different esoteric views, where do shadows of the past, plasmoids, extraterrestrial beings? How to interconnect Samsara Wheel and labyrinths, created by people in different places? Is the history developing in a progressive spiral? Where is the so called information field situated and what is its role in the work of the mega universe. Isn't it the black hole, through which the freed souls of the dead fly, sliding along the envelope of this information field? So, let us take a sheet of paper and divide it in halves by a straight line, guided by the above said that the God has separated the light from the darkness. At the top and at the bottom of the sheet let us locate symmetrically two equal circles, so that their centres coincide when the sheet is bent along the border of light and darkness. The upper circle will be the representation of the anti-universe, and the lower one is correspondingly our universe (as yin and yang). Next let us compare these circles with two bobbins of a film projector, between which the film, where the Creator has already shot the forthcoming events, is moving downward. The very film is ether, divided into layers by the limits. At this time, in the darkness area, the film is in the stage of a negative image, and passing the border, the light which is perpendicular to the film, develops, colours and retouches the image, creating a kind of a holographic image inside the volume of this film. The film consists of a number of layers, beginning with subatomic to galactic ones. The layers differ by the frequency ether placement inside. When the film moves, a different phase state of each of the layers is created, and the very layers on the upper and lower bobbins are wound in reversed order. The movement of the film and the periodic change of the shots are perceived by spectators as the flow of time. Perpendicularity of the light passing through the film ensures its constant speed. The very light is most likely the so called relict background. Thus, the film, being wound onto a bobbin, is the development of the world in a progressive spiral on one side, and the bobbin itself, which is unchangeable, is Samsara Wheel . If to perceive the above said, then it comes out that as the film goes, a kind of a lens is formed on a bobbin of an additional layer of this film, which can easily focus the relict light in a certain point on the film. And this focusing is perceived by the spectators as the visible light. That is the very place where the moment between the past and the future is born for us, which is captured as the life and the environment surrounding this life. Looking ahead, we can say, that from this point of view the superstitious beliefs, astrologic and other fortunetelling is true, but not because of the influence of the stars on the creation, but because they are creаted together with all the creaturehood in the space-time continuum.

That is, we can say with the same assurance that as the person is created under definite star so this star is depicted, shot at the moment of formation of this person. Its another matter that the star or group of stars is one and at that moment the amount of people is appeared to be more. Again looking ahead one can suppose that the Creator prepared similar chain of coming challenges and live situations to these people who were born under certain star which number according to the number of ordeals can be supposed 20. Now remembering that both universes are situated symmetrically lets fold the sheet along the border line of light and darkness. It will come that they will overlap on each other perfectly and their centers will coincide. Herewith we will locate our universe on the top and centers will connect with through pin holes black hole along which as over the pulley our film will go up and down and unwind in reserved order. Sort of swirl will appear that draws in masses of our universe through this hole to the dark part of the sheet obviously with ensuing consequences for image on the film. In this sense everything created but film itself while moving doesnt have the end. Lets come back to the light that goes along the vector from the left edge of the sheet to the right one. If these edges are gummed staying in the one flatness the light will cross over the edge of the sheet on the dark side changing its direction vector on reserved and in such a way it will move circle-wise. In other words light is moving from right to left, darkness from right to left as film has many layers including electronic thats why it should be suppose that moving of this film taking by us as time causes electricity around which under physical laws magnetic field and other appear. In such a way if transfer above described on the flatness famous ancient Chinese symbol appears. Besides, it becomes clear that if our universe is expanding along the circular length, then it is collapsing in the centre. Force point is situated in the geometrical center and its realized because of film prolonging through the hole by certain swirl stream which is set like powerful lines of solenoid and if this lines will be closed then appeared megauniverse will have the shape of the ball. Maybe the cover of this ball is what we call information field through which shot film is appeared and realized. It should be remembered that everything is created with the highest purpose of creating human who as an image and similarity of the Creator has free will and certain creative element though in our case its limited by so called space-time continuum and laws of drawing frames in the film volume. The statement is right that thought is a creative element and it should run in literal sense of the word on half a meter earlier that other acceptable visual images in other words to the point of visualization of surrounding realty. It should be remembered that who is called master of shades also has creative element. Its he as the first angel having more knowledge acts through powers and authorities, programs set by the Creator temping us with secret knowledge, detalization and massive artifacts, meanings on the heaven and in surrounding attributes increasing different challenges which are sent to us not allowing making right conclusions of bypast.


Mega-Universe: knowledges and technologies

Anyway, back to our first sketch and taking into account reverse direction of light in upper part of paper and also the fact that by reverse film winding, inside bobbin extra layer forming a lens is on the part of light direction then focusing of this light-darkness is in diametrically opposite point to visualization point in our Universe. This point will be in anti-Universe, where initialization takes place, that is take a negative picture. It is interesting that if we combine marked points in upper and lower circle, then we have two equilateral triangles, which by overlaying circles one on another form Star of David and also a divider and a square if to whiten chords on both circles situated opposite to points of ray focusing (Mason symbol). No doubt, spirit and body connection happens during going of film through visualization point in our Universe and initialization point in anti-Universe, where spirit play a role of cliché for taking a picture. Probably, these these points are combined by that silver thread that is cut off at the moment of death (Ariadne's thread in Greek mythology). The so called lifeless objects have also such cliché. Thats why further it is necessary to differentiate between living and lifeless objects and also between the essence of a man, animal and plant life. The picture shown on Shroud of Turin confirms the idea about cliché and taking negative pictures. Thus, each object (subject) in the point of visualization is a structured in a certain way hologramme that can take and broadcast through its structures information interacting with object (subject) spirit through these structures (clusters, crystal lattices, DNA) holding objects form in picture and for matrix interaction on cliché in initialization point. Since everything happening now is filmed and reproduced with increasing fault (after the fall of man), then the processes of reality destruction (degradation of image in picture) will increase. That is entropy or return to primary state of ether is increased. The very holographic image of objects (subjects), probable, is cavernous invaginations and vacuoles formed of the layers of ether structure of film by means of their tension.

Thats why the further humanity follows creativity in new object creation matching a little the laws of harmony founded by the Creator of this world, particularly tension arise in layers of film from which invaginations form up to their destruction that is seen in the form of catastrophes, disasters, blights, pests etc, and also created by human work explosions of manmade disasters etc. It is also presented in visible by us world by manifestations of different compensators above and near the objects and tension zones in the form of plazmoids, UFO, antiexplosions and other phenomena allowing to harmonize the situation (in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics). In case of blights, pests, signs and others they act as moderators of educational stopping importance. There are also permissible processes of final character. Thus, there are direct connections between thought and action and also mutual influence of all existing structures on each other. That is why The Creator gave to a man blessed labour as a conscious necessity of harmonization of disturbed processes as one of fault compensators. The above mentioned answers the question itself if there was so called nature evolution? The answer is yes, if to mention the fact that God in the process of creation (6 days) used the models of already created creature for its further improvement up to human creation. The question arises what is a man himself if as we have discovered soul as memory about the last object (subject) state is even the tiniest piece of our world. Even on this level there is a separation of I and non I as a separation of each of the objects. Understanding of this separation of I and non I happens already on the level of the simplest organisms when the object is given the ability of active response to direct action. More complicated plants and animals have also extrapolative thinking within its vital needs and ability to use thinking for their realization. Complication of thinking processes and creativity are not yet characteristics of the fact that a man has left the stage of biorobot although dominating in environment. Both computers and crystalloids are taught this if to name them by the principle of their organization. Uniqueness of human soul is the very his main difference separating a man from the rest of the world. However, this is only the stage for further development of soul. It is either regress of human soul when the last one begins to assimilate flash losing the Spirit gifts and turns into cliché serving to this body. This is desired by the one who is called prince of this world. He begins to create a new man similar to the above mentioned one, crystalloid, clone, humanoid, anthropomorphic robot, android, to subordinate this biomechanical mass through the systems of electronic monitoring and communication. But if we mark it with seal on the scheme of megauniverse we have, then we will see that it, this power doesnt spread over the most important for a man points: initiation and visualization, that is a man is free until he lives in our world to make his choice. Only after death this choice is lost forever. Knowledge of God, opportunity of connection with our Creator in prayer and also the second birth through church mystery and create a man after the image and likeness of God, give an opportunity to enter eternity in a new body and quality. Getting involved in world history, studying myths, legends, religious beliefs, spiritual trainings of different nations, scientific facts one can assure himself of the fact that all the above mentioned is not something absolutely new not known before. On the contrary, all the facts are well-known. Taking a rapid glance on the above stated conclusions one can say that all nowadays available information can be assimilated to the situation where ten blind sages each of them describes only that part of elephant, which he holds, stating that this is the whole elephant. There is no doubt that the attempts to harmonize the world by human methods existed, exist and will exist. Knowledge and technologies were classified and not allowed for common usage. There were also attempts to regulate the issues of increase of population including by means of this knowledge and technologies.

Efforts were made and are made to regulate questions concerning population growth with the help of this knowledge and technologies. Efforts to come back to naturefully have already leaded to naturalization of peoples and some tribes. In this case their wildness combines with some elements of high technologies and modern civil developments: Maya calendar, knowledge in astronomy, finally boomerang of Australian aboriginals and other, other, other. Everybody who wants to conserve this world and to create new super technogenic or extremely ecological one, fly to other planets, visit other galaxies or dig oneself underground should remember that everything: above described megauniverse, space, time, powers, authorities, etheric and not etheric bodies are in the hands of the Creator who created this megauniverse. Its said that even every our hair is counted. By the way, the later conjugates Platons statements that numbers reign the world. Actually in a certain sense everything can be transformed in the language of interaction factors of thick bodies, frequency of their constituent elements, formulas of tension, break and harmonization of processes in the frame (confirmation of this is works by N. Tesla and Fibonacci). As its predefined this world is liable to the fire, power that transforms any subject to unified aggregate condition. Only soul can saves. New bodies can be created from again formed primordial soup and there is no need for this to shake and boil for million years as its prescribed in Oparins theory. Thats why its necessary to always remember that end of the world is from Satan and second coming (Parousia) is from God that this world is temporary and transient and the future one is eternal and premature. As our discussion again came back to definition of time (a frame by frame changing of events) we should take into account the fact that while back winding of film in the down part of megauniverse indulgences will be formed that while circular passing this film (in the whole cycle) create some advances while printing objects in the frame. And frame of the frame will be displaced. All of this will cause growing processes of instability of picture of objects and their follow blurring entropy. This process will include in space-time continuum appearance of compensators, retardants and different kinds of permissible things (worms that eat putrid flesh away). Besides some interference of next pictures on previous one ill cause other effects which are similar to effect of travelling in time and space. Philadelphian experiment proves this. Where are pictures of objects (subjects) which were replaced in the frame or just disappeared? They just transformed from holographic to bidimensional (flat) image that its possible to see while changing conditions of highlighting (for example while photography or X-ray) in case of misplacement of torsional fields which appear both as a result of tension of etheric layers inside the frame and defects of film that appear as a result of high voltage in the layers of film changing geometry of the frame. In this case bends, waves and other will appear along longitudinal axis and volume of this frame. And while highlighting of such frames, defects will work as glasses of lens, kaleidoscopes, barriers for bundle of rays passing. Deformations by film defects are observed by us as anomalous zones, death traps, geopathic formation and other. In these zones deformation of usual regularities for example rolling of the object up along the surface (in one of Chinese province), appearance and sudden disappearance of images and even whole narrative sketching and other, other, other are fixed. Good example of the fact that such knowledge and phenomena of parametric resonance were known for ancient people are built pyramids and other so-called megaliths which either level wrong placed torsional fields or create these fields for other purposes for example to speak with dead people (using above described effects). Maybe thats why the Egyptians and some other peoples mummified their dead people for maximal saving image. But mumming should be messed up with incorruptible relicts of holy men who are such as their souls are active components of our world after body death. Activeness of their influence is turned up not even in their opportunity to influence on informative field through which life script is recorded but also appearance in visible world particularly by myrrh-streaming and enlightenment of the image on ancient icons and other. After having read above described one should understand that except mechanic spirit world exists in our megauniverse and it acts in the same way in described scheme due to given opportunities (power) to every hypostasis of this world. The purpose of this interference is appropriation of unique and immortal human soul its saving and death. Without willing to load text with bunching of other facts and historical events I just want to remind our readers: 1. Read attentively Revelation of John where its said in distinct terms that at the end of human history there wont be time and sky will be balled like a scroll2. Observe ecliptic of our solar system all planets are situated in one surface (etheric film) and evidently the Sun is situated in focus of luminous flux (point of visualization is on the picture 1). 3. Read attentively Symbol of Faith where there are express references of Who created the base from whom our Life Program is come from Who was given to humanity for its (this Program) operating control according to our (requests) prayers. Due to the later I want to add that thought is also a prayer which is addressed to information field which acts in the known level in mode automatically: possible is realized, impossible is cut off, inadmissible turns on antivirus program. All together is written down to Book of Life as sins (while mistakes wont be allowed) or good works when our wishes correspond program spirit of this informative field. Its said that we will account for every empty said word. Word which is reflected in our soul form psychological construction of our personality, creates stable logical constructions and considering that our brain always scans information space and personality core is displacing turning on our thinking word is always anchor, trigger, start beginning for our action in the world where people will clothe other bodies. And these bodies will be all-sufficing that are not present in time but include this time in other words word-action. Every even empty word is realized here. Of course only that personality will enter better world whose all waste words and logical constructions will be cleaned (through mystery of confession) from the soul. It wont take place just loading good works. There fore passing our live challenges (temptations) we should be attentive to ourselves, call our deeds (thoughts) in right and true way with purpose of its next resolutions, changing them on Christian outlook. It will promote second humans birth without which its impossible to enter better world.

Mega-Universe: main definitons

Realizing that my knowledge of epistolary genre and didactic methods of narration are not at a height, I think, there is still the necessity to point out all the above mentioned more distinctly:

 1.Our mega-universe consists of two universes divided by the border of light and darkness. Respectively, - our universe (НВ1) and anti-universe (АВ2)

2.The whole «material» component (objects, subjects, formations etc.) are applied on «cinefilm», consisting of ethereal layers, various frequency of «stuffing», and are represented by invaginations and vacuoles.

 3.Stuffing of each layer is represented in form of sinusoidal standing waves, of various frequency, divided by limits. Set of layers before their repetition, is represented by the strata, which in their turn, are divided by two limits or gravitation border (in form of triplex).

4.The film is «woven» on two bobbins. At that bobbin (АВ 2) in the dark side of mega-universe contains the image of events in «negative», and during scrolling of film with its transfer into light half of mega-universe (МВ 1) the image is «developed» and fixed by the viewer in the point of visualization, as an event.

5.Change of events (snapshots) is perceived as flow of time.

6.Material part of objects, subjects is always situated and «lives» only in frame, and frames are strictly divided between themselves. That is why in case of «defects» of printing of objects (subjects) in the point of initiation, change of geometry etc. of the snapshot, there arise various sudden appearances, disappearances, distortions of «highlighted» objects (subjects), as well as their sudden transformation etc., which is perceived by us as a wonder.

7.Flesh (material, ethereal, part of objects, subjects) is created in form of photo-optic systems, which, during transfer of light give holographic image, which is perceived by viewers as images.

8.Soul is informational components of objects (subjects), which reflects their last condition and is used as «matrix» for application of images on cinefilm (frame-by-frame) in form of negative image, in the point of initiation.

9.The soul «slides» within the limits of information field, connected with «flesh» and unlike the last exists continuously (while flesh exists frame by frame).

10.The «cinefilm» itself is situated in circulation, which at its long-time use causes entropy of «depicted» in frame images, appearance of artefacts etc.

 11.Film movement, because of availability of variety of layers in it, provides appearance of such TIMELESS PHENOMENA, as electricity, magnetic field, gravity.

12.To timeless phenomena not connected with frequency of «blinking» of frames in the point of visualization belongs light and its derivatives (flame, plasmoids, and other photo-optic effects) herefrom their «behavioural» puzzles. The ancient people knew about such arrangement of mega-universe, that is why they practically did not use technologies, there was no need in them up to a certain time. For example, to move some megalith they did not need wheel or lifting crane. It was enough to loosen, disseminate, reset to zero the light energy, «highlightening» the object, or subject. (E=mc2),E-0, m-0), and to conduct manipulation within the frames of gravitation limits. The means of cognition and communication were realized within the limits of information field, put it plainly, ancient people felt and understood better destination of their souls. They knew the power of Word and finally, Creator's Provision. Reading about mystery of Mayan calendar, victory of pharaoh near Kadesh, Shumeria astronomic «discoveries» and other heating imagination histories, artefacts, archeologic hypotheses, remember about above mentioned photo-optic effects, timeless phenomena and other non-standard manifestations. Then mysteric phenomena will lose «secrecy label» and complete «unexploredness», mystery, «alieness» etc. Remember that the so-called technical progress is in fact just a «crutch» for decrepiting human essence. And in many ways those are right who already for a long time speak about degeneration of a human, both its flesh and dying soul. I realize that such view makes our life «dull», and search of Shambhala senseless, however.


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